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Belly Button And What Makes The Perfect Belly Button?

Belly Button And What Makes The Perfect Belly Button?

You know that thing where you’re constantly paranoid about whether or not you have the

perfect belly button? No? Yeah, me neither. But let’s say you were one of those people,

who had this totally reasonable fear. If so, then great news!

Surgeons at the University of Singapore School of Medicine have studied the navels of 37

Playboy Playmates to determine the ideal length, shape, and position of a human belly button.

and a diameter precisely equivalent to 5% of the length from your lower breastbone to

the lower part of your vulvar cleft. And if that means absolute gibberish to you – then

congratulations, you’re probably a normal human being. Look, I’m sure this vital information

if you’re a surgeon and all – but I can’t stop thinking about the fact that these guys

literally got paid to “research” Playboy models all day long. Grant money well spent!

Nose. A group of plastic surgeons studied a bunch of noses, to try to figure out what

makes the “perfect nose.” Their conclusion? One that’s slightly upturned at an angle

of 106 degrees. And that angle is measured from the upper lip to the tip of the nose.

Celebrities that fit the bill, include Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale and

Kate Middleton. So there you go, fellas. As for us ladies, it’s just one more thing

to be depressed about

Eyes. Researchers at UC San Diego have been trying to determine what the perfect distance

is between someone’s eyes. They concluded that the ideal spacing is equal to 46% of

the width of your entire face. And the ideal distance from your eyes to your mouth, is

equal to 36% of the length of your face. So next slumber party, skip the facials and pillow

fights, and instead – try grabbing a ruler and doing a little math. Technically, it’s

not body shaming if you’re talking about your face!


Beard. Scientists at the University of New South Wales surveyed 500 people, to find what

the ideal beard length is. They discovered that men with 10-day stubble were considered

most attractive, while men with thick, full beards – were perceived as being potential

good fathers. Also, men with mustaches are perverts. Yeah, I said it. Unless you’re

a lumberjack, or present-day Tom Selleck, you need to cut that shit right out.

Chin. A study out of Dartmouth, has officially concluded that there is no universal, ideal

chin shape. Well done Dartmouth. Probably the most inconclusive conclusion I’ve ever

heard. What’s next, ideal pube length? Cause I’ve actually been wondering… for a friend.

Who asked me. ….It’s me. I’m the friend

If you want to learn more about the human body, go watch our episode on parts of the

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