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How to Blow Your Nose By Healthy Fit Care

How to Blow Your Nose By Healthy Fit Care

healthy fit care

healthy fit care

Nose is the one of the basic organ of human body that helps in sense of smelling. It is also involved in organismic respiration as the air enters through the nostrils which it bears. Not only it provides the path but also clean the air through hair and mucus. It is very important to keep it in the best possible condition in order to survive. There are certain healthy fit care nose that work for the maintenance and health of the nose. Some of these are given below:


Vitamin C is very important for the proper functioning of nose as its presence cause the prevention of many seasonal complaints like excess mucus, tearing and most importantly runny nose. It also decreases the risk of scurvy a symptom of which is nose bleeding. It not only provides immunity but also reduces the duration of an illness. As it is a water soluble so it’s excess cannot be dangerous. The regular intake dose is 2000 to 6000 mg.


Potassium is the most important healthy fit care nose that provides regulated fluids in the body. Without its proper concentration the tissue of the body especially nose tissue dries out. It is a recommended that a person should take 2000 mg of potassium daily. It is present in tomatoes, bananas and avocados.


Healthy fit care nose

Healthy fit care nose

Probiotics are famous because they reduce the frequency and severity of the infection. It is recommended to take them in considerable amount in order to avoid any harm.


As iron is the major constituent of blood therefore it performs a major role in the controlling of nose bleeding. Its deficiency can cause anemia which causes lethargy and easy bruising. It is richly present in red meat and seafood. Therefore a doctor always recommends eating red meat to an anemic patient. The daily intake of iron should be 8 to 18 mg in any form.


Vitamin K is one of the most important supplements which are required for the proper functioning of nose. It is used to prevent nose bleeding, liver diseases, and celiac diseases. Its deficiency can cause major disorders. The usual adult requirement is 90 to 120 mg each day. It is found in green vegetables.


Recent researches and studies have shown that vitamin B9 and vitamin B12 play a vital role in the working of nose and their deficiency can nose bleed because of the high concentration of protein that damages wall of the blood vessels in blood.


It is one of the most important healthy fit care nose. It is very effective in diseases like allergies, sinusitis, cold flu, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease etc. it functions in conjunction with vitamin C. its deficiency can cause serious damages to the working of nose and other body parts. It is highly recommended to take 500 to 1000 mg of quercetin two or three times per day. It is present in many of the food which a person uses for Healthy fit care immune daily.


Vitamin A deficiency causes dryness and inflammation in nasal cavity which can lead to injury and bleeding.

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