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How Often Do We Clean Our Ears By Healthy Fit Care

How Often Do We Clean Our Ears By Healthy Fit Care

healthy fit care ear

healthy fit care ear

The ear is one of the basic organs of the body that is responsible for hearing and maintaining the balance of the body. The health of ear is important to take care of. If not taken care properly, it can lead to hearing loss or balance disorder. There are certain healthy fit care ear that work for the maintenance of the health of ear and to keep it functioning in the best possible way.

Omega 3 Fats:

Healthy fit care ear

Healthy fit care ear

Studies and researches have shown that Omega 3 fats have the improving effect on hearing and prevent hearing loss. It is one of the main constituents of fish. It helps in the hearing function of the ear by providing strength to the blood vessels supplying the Healthy fit care ear.

Folic acid:

The regular intake of folic acid is helpful to maintain ear health. It acts as an antioxidant and reduces the hearing loss to up to 20 percent. The main mechanism is by decreasing the amount of free radicals that are responsible for damaging the nerve involved in hearing. Folic acid is present in the green leafy vegetables and these should be consumed. Also, the supplements should be taken off and on to maintain Healthy fit care ear 

Vitamin B12:

It is among those vitamins that help in the functioning of nerves along with folic acid. By working as an antioxidant, it decreases the hearing problems and toxicity.

Vitamin D:

It is one of the factors that can help to improve hearing. Many supplements of vitamin D are available. It can also be obtained naturally by exposure to the sunlight which helps to convert its activate form.


It is the most important healthy fit care ear that provides protection against noise pollution that provokes hearing loss. Magnesium is present in high amounts in bananas and potatoes along with the supplements available in the market.


Calcium is among those factors that are beneficial for hearing and balance maintaining. It should be taken in suggested amount daily as the working of nervous system requires proper calcium levels.


This mineral is also involved in the working of nerves and signal conduction; hence its deficiency can produce serious effects on hearing. It is present naturally in various fruits and vegetables.


The inner ear is composed of bones and zinc helps in strengthening the bones. Hence in the old age people in whom the bone deterioration starts taking place, zinc supplements should be taken to prevent the age-related hearing loss.

Ginkgo biloba:

This is an herbal product that seems to improve the circulation of blood to ear by its vasodilator effect and helps in improving the balance disorders.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is present in citrus fruit and certain vegetables. It helps to strengthen the functioning of the ear.

Vitamin E:

It acts as antioxidant and is among the helping factor to maintain the health of ear. This healthy fit care Pancreas strengthens the immune system thus reducing the chances of getting ear infections.

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