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Are Synbiotics the New Probiotics?

You may already know that yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha are all packed with gut-healthy probiotics, while foods like green bananas, asparagus, and artichokes contain prebiotics. In case you’re blanking on the difference between probiotics and prebiotics, here’s a quick refresher: Probiotics are microorganisms that add good-for-you microbes to your gut and …

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What You Need to Know more about Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol rehabilitation is an effective and practical means of helping individuals who suffer from an addiction to alcohol. These programs do not merely offer a temporary solution to alcoholism because rehab aims to target the primary reason why a person becomes addicted to the substance. Furthermore, alcohol rehab aims to …

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Addiction Treatment Center and Addiction Recovery

For successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, help from addiction treatment centers is essential. Those centers have experienced therapists; these therapists can diagnose the problem quickly after conducting some tests and suggest the patient which steps he needs to follow to wipe addiction. Having himself admitted in the addiction …

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